• Welcome

    Founded in March of 2012, Lanier Baits is a small, family-run business based out of Dawsonville, Georgia. We have been fishing in North Georgia and Lake Lanier generationally since the 1970's. Our base of operations is five miles from Thompson Creek Park, right on the water. Our goal is simply to provide the fishing community affordable, established tackle proven to consistently catch fish!

  • Our Products

    Specializing in finesse fishing, every item has been tested on North Georgia’s own Lake Lanier. Our colors are designed with light refraction and penetration in mind. Understanding how colors change at various water depths, in various weather conditions. With our line of floating plastics, hard baits and terminal tackle, you are set up for success.

  • Electronics & Fishing Trips

    As Humminbird Electronics certified dealers, we offer sonar sales and installations. Further, you can schedule lessons to understand your sonar system. Teaching how to fine tune, navigate, and utilize your systems best abilities. Also offering instructional guided trips. Learn the art of finesse fishing! To get started on your next system or fishing experience, visit:

    Lanier Jim FIshing