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LJ’s Fishing Report

May 31, 2019 

Those that know me well, know that if I haven’t really posted fishing stuff for a week – I’m testing or working on something.  This has been true the last week.  I learned a long time ago that it’s hard to work on things if you have other things going on so I go out alone and focus on what I’m doing.    

I’ve worked a few days on figuring out what the fish are doing during specific times of the day.  When they’re not pulling water – you can catch them on top and see things moving around.  When they start pulling water – and they have pulled a lot of water including weekends, the bait and fish stay down.  Think of the lake as becoming a river…fish get behind or in front of structure/cover….could be a hump, point, or rocks/brush on top of things. 

This caused me to adjust and work different baits.  Baits that are normal this time of year was an early thing….but as the sun got up and the water started to roll, they went down and stayed down.  Some fish got shallower while others stayed down and I could see them right on the bottom – along with the bait.   Think about it – suns up good, how many have seen fish moving on top or have seen a bunch of bait suspended….better yet, fish suspended?  I have seen a lot of stripers suspended over the tops of trees in about 15’-30’ over a 45’-50’ bottom….and I mean, I’ve seen a ton of them!  But the spots – a much different attitude and positioning and I figured it out and boated a lot of fish. 

Location:  Flats, rises on long points, shallow humps, and certain reef poles that are near the mouths of creeks.  Depths I’ve found them is 12’- 22’ deep depending on location.  One key…if you see fish on bottom while you’re fishing – your sitting where you should be fishing.  The baits….

The drop shot but I shortened the tag end to about 6”-8”.  Worm colors were Sweet Rosey, Bruised Tomato, Spot Tail, Candy, Natural Shad…in Tri colors – Morning Dawn, Sexy Shad, Prism Shad, and Magic.   I even found that if I caught a fish or two on one color, just a change of color got more bites.  No more “One and Done” when doing this.   

Shad Spin with our 3.5” Swimmer in Smokin Shad, Pearl, Disco, and Watermelon Ghost.  I’m sure Herring would have done the trick too but I’m out and waiting on another shipment.  The key to fishing this was to make sure you got deep enough to “tick” the brush or run it just off the bottom a couple of feet on 10#-12# Fluorocarbon.  Our 3/8 Shad Spin will fall about 2’ a second…so a count down is important.   The Spybait – American Shad and Ghost Pearl ….6#-7# fluorocarbon leader with 10# braid.  Just make sure you have a good 10’-12’ flouro leader or straight fluorocarbon.  I’m using the 80 G-Fix and it falls about a 1’ a second. 

Spoon – yes, I said spoon.  The spoon can be deadly in warm water.  I cast if and let it fall to bottom…hop it a few times…then a steady reel….pause a second…reel again.  With the fish being down on the bottom…it can be deadly.  One thing I do is change the treble out with a single saltwater #2 VMC single eye hook.  This cuts down on snags and makes it easy to “jiggle” out.  Also – the strong #2 hook will stick them and hold on tight.  It’s even great on schooling fish…long cast and skip it across top fast then just a steady retrieve.  You know those fish that show their face just out of reach with a topwater bait?   Problem solved.  You can cast our  1/2oz – 3/4oz to Alabama. 

Last – a Crankbait!   Yes, a Rapala DT16 or Strike King 5XD will get you some big bites.  Fish it on 10# fluorocarbon.  Make a long cast and get it down bumping the bottom or just over the brush.  Position the boat so that about half way back on the cast, the bait is at its maximum depth and just above the cover.   Then “kill it”….let it sit a second of two…then start back up.  I’ve got 3 colors -  Rapala – Bleeding Olive Shad, Pearl Grey Shiner….and Strike King – Sexy Blueback Herring

Go Catch’em!    LJ