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LJ’s Fishing Report

January 11, 2019

Fishing is still pretty good – even with the high water and constant water release.  Summer, water release is great for a few hours.  The fish have plenty of energy – but during the winter, they don’t like constantly exerting energy with the current. 

I’m still concentrating in the ditches and channel ledges with the drop shot and spoon and catching some pretty good fish.  Nothing has changed really – you’ve got to find bait so that means looking more than fishing.  I’m running ditches from Shady Grove all the way to the 53 bridge on the Chestatee and on up to Ada Creek.  So fill up with gas and pay attention to your sonars. 

A couple of other patterns that’s working is fishing the deep docks with our SpoTaker Shakey head or drop shot.  I’m having more success with a short tag end on the drop shot – about 6”-8”….but at times, a 24” tag is working….you can see the fish rise up off the bottom and hit….work the front of docks – the deepest water.   The other is rocky points near deep water…and add a 10’ running crankbait to your arsenal.

Speaking of the bottom – most fish have been glued to the bottom with the constant water release – so think bottom.  Now don’t get me wrong – you will see some fish suspended and coming up and down at times, but I’m finding some big schools on the bottom.

Baits – our spoons and on the drop shot, Blue Lily, Spot Tail, Herring, Natural Shad…..you can cut our finesse worm down to 3” or use the Runt.  Think small….most of the bait in the ditches and on creek channel ledges are the small threadfins.

Here’s the link to the GON article about ditch fishing on Lake Lanier with Jim Farmer, Jimbo on Lanier, and yours truly, Ol’ LJ.   Also – come see me at T&S Marine on Friday Night – I’ll be talking pontoons and Sea Pro Boats….and of course some fishing. 


Thanks for all the business -   LJ and Cory