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LJ’s Fishing Report

May 23, 2019 

Fishing is good and bad right now.  Two patterns are producing and specific baits for me and clients.  The two patterns are same day – but conditions change so you have to adjust. 

Early or during low light – I’m working a SpoTaker (pronounced Spot Taker) shakey head with a few color worms and designs.   In the Fat Finesse - Green Pumpkin Pepper, Green Pumpkin Jade, Pumpkin Pearl….in 5” Finesse – Spot Tail, Herring, and Natural Shad.  When the sun gets up – the GP Jade and Spot Tail colors have been good.  

Early morning before the sun gets up strong – I’m working long points near mouths of creeks and pole markers on main lake.  These points don’t have to have rock or brush but it’s a plus.  The key is to work the bait slow.  These fish coming off the spawn are not real active but – if you get one on, they’re strong!   When I say slow…long cast, let it settle down, and dead stick it about 10-15 seconds.  Trust me – if a fish is near – it hears and sees the bait.  Pull it slow and if you contact a rock or brush…shake it on a slack line as you pull it over or thru the cover.  You’ll feel a “tick” or just weight on you bait.  Like a wet paper towel is on it.  This pattern is in about 5’-10’ of water.  To force yourself to work it slow – try going to our 1/8oz Shakey Ned head…it will cause you to work slow and stay in contact with the bottom. 

As the sun gets up – I’m moving out and fishing in the 15’-20’ depth on top on humps that crown/top out at those depths.  Trust me – the humps are out there…you just have to find them.  I just adjust my LakeMaster at 20’ with a 5’ +/- offset.  By doing this – it will draw a “green” circle around the hump.  This is the time I’m adding the Spot Tail color to the shakey head.  It’s been catching some big fish for Jimbo on Lanier and myself.   Cover water!  Run and gun…Lanier is a huge timing lake and the more places you hit right now, the better chance you have to find active fish. 

One last thing….they’re pulling a ton of water daily.  Instead of 3-4 hours – the corp is pulling 8-9 hours or continuous!  This will push the bait and fish to the bottom.  Want to know why you haven’t seen a ton of bait on the surface in the mornings or during the day – here’s you answer.   No bait suspended or on top – no topwater or surface feeding.   Pulling water positions the fish on the bottom and in many cases, on the down current side of cover/structure.    Think of the lake becoming a river – fish get behind stuff so they don’t battle the current the whole time.  Bait and fish do the same in a big reservoir when water release if going on…or when the corp is “pulling water”. 

I am finding some fish on brush piles with the drop shot – but they’re all small for me.  I’m hoping the next week will get better – even with the heat – because it will allow the lake to settle down and they can slow down on pulling water.  I think topwater and swimbaits are just about to start.  

Best of luck -   LJ