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LJ’s Fishing Report

March 18, 2019

We're getting great reports on catches from our new Shakey Ned Head with a 3" and 4" Stix and our 5" Finesse in Herring, GPPP, Amy Gill, Bruised Tomatoe, and Spot Tail.   I can confirm this  - I’m on a great bite early on certain type points.   Points with deep water next to them that ease in to a cut is producing some good fish.  Work it out to the deeper water – maybe 20’ down.  What’s this telling you? 

Yes – there are some fish moving up shallow at times…but a lot of fish are staging.  They’re sitting out a little deeper right near the edge of the deep water.  It can have cover or it can be just the ledge….they are suspended at times…you can see them if you’re paying attention to your sonars.  These fish are also moving in the middle of cuts next to these areas.

This is telling you to stay out about a cast and a half….work our swimmer or curly tail grub on a Ball Jig Head  off the bottom or pick up the drop shot.   On sunny days – they will suspend…on cloudy days – they will get right on the bottom.  We had this happen last Friday and I showed my customer the fish…and how to get them to “show their face” and catch them. 

Drop Shot is very good right now both casting and vertical fishing in the same colors but add LJ's Passion and Obsession to the mix.   If casting – use a 1/4 or 3/16  weight and just drag and shake.  Dropping – I like a 3/8 to get the bait down to them.  Suspended fish…either size will work.  

A crankbait and a jerkbait are also a good choice for you power fisherman…just make sure to work it slow.  On the jerkbait – I’m using a J Bait deep or a Spro McRip 85.   Reel 4-5 cranks to get them down, them use a pull instead of a jerk…pull, pause, pull, pause.   I’m also starting to pick up my spybait now for those suspended fish.

Tooting my own horn for a second – My two rods are showing out….serious good for all of these baits mentioned. 

Last – docks are starting to “fill up”.  On sunny days – they’ll suspend under the black floats.  Awesome time for the swimmer or curly tail grub or a shakey ned or drop shot.  

I’m starting to book for April – email me and get on the calendar and lets go have some fun! 


- LJ