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LJ’s Fishing Report

June 27, 2019 

The drop shot bite is on fire!  My last 5 trips, we’ve loaded the boat with 14” to 3.5# fish….we’ve had a 33, 21,25,30,34 fish days….with all but one being a half day!   That’s putting some fish in the boat.  NO – we’re not catching 5# fish….but we’re sticking a ton of 2#-3# fish…and catching them on drop shot is a fun way to catch’em.   Don’t get me wrong, there are some topwater and spybait fishing being caught too…but most are coming on the drop shot.

First – the set up...I’m using a 12” – 15” tag end…a 10’-15’ leader of 6# or 7# fluorocarbon with a 10# Nano Braid.  I always use a 3/8oz weight and feather it down through suspended fish.  Remember – you can slow down a heavy weight but it’s hard to speed up a light one.  If the fish are suspended – feather it to slow it down….if the fish are on the bottom – let it go and get down to them. 

The cooler mornings has the surface temp in the high 70’s – low 80’s.  This has the fish moving around….coming up on top, suspending, and chasing bait.   If you look close at the bait they’re spitting up – some are 4” herring…but a lot are those “butterbean” tiny bait.  So, the smaller drop shot worm is producing.  I mean – fish will chase your rig down from 10’ to 25’….or you can suspend the rig and get hits.   

Our 5” Fruity Worm in Blue Lily, LJ’s Obsession, Sweet Rosey, Natural Shad, and Chartreuse Shad have been good.  Another strong performer has been our Tri-Color  in Prism Shad, Morning Dawn, and Sexy Shad.  Do you see a pattern?  Blue, Pink, and Chartreuse hues in 18’-25’ are getting their attention….as the sun gets up good – I’ll work out deeper.  

Where am I fishing…..Early, I’m working main creek points and humps….and legs off reef poles are hot too.  As the sun gets up more – I’ll move out to the 25’ - 30’ in these areas and look at the humps and long points more towards the mouth of the creeks.   There are some Mega Schools right now but you have to hunt them.  The last 5 trips – after the sun gets up good – I’ll utilize my Humminbirds ….running 2D and DI on my dual units at the dash.  If I don’t see a school, I’ll move on.   When we get up on the bow – my dual Bird set up is awesome.  I have full mapping zoomed in on one…and I utilize the “zoom” feature on the other.  You can really see fish in brush….chasing your bait…nosing down on your bait, etc.   Everyone that gets on my boat and sees this are amazed.

I’ve got a lot of days open right now.  July, August, and September are drop shot months.  If you’re struggling catching fish – get on the calendar and learn how to drop and fish deep water.  You’ll love it.  lanierjimfishing@gmail.com