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LJ’s Fishing Report

April 12, 2019

Folks – the fun time is here!  There are so many different patterns you can fish right now and catch fish.  I’ve got several going that are all producing at different times of the day.  I’ll cover them below but first – let’s talk locations. 

I don’t bed fish – I give the fish a week or two doing their thing.  As I’ve told people….I just think about me doing my thing and someone puts a hook in my rearend ??    Fish spawn at different times so I concentrate on the fish going on or coming off the bed.  I’m fishing steeper sides of points going in to spawning pockets in the creeks and on the main lake.  If a dock is in this area or brush, even better….deep water has to be nearby though.  Pole Markers on main lake are also hot right now.  Rocks, Clay, Wood, Docks – bingo!   If I’m seeing a lot of suspended fish – I’ll back off and fish (you’ll see how below).   Now – for the baits -

First – shakey ned heads on rocky banks and points.  I’m rigging an 1/8 or 3/16 with Jimbo’s Fat Finesse, 3”-4” Stix, or a 5” Finesse.   Colors – Green Pumpkin  (our 5” finesse has a little purple flake in it too), Herring, Spot Tail, Amy Gill, Pumpkin Pearl, Watermelon Seed, Watermelon Ghost, and Peanut Butter & Jelly.  Fish them slow…pull, pause, and shake gently with a little slack line.  The bites have been “ticks” or just a “mushy” feeling.  Here’s a tip……

DON’T rare-back with a shakey head.  Much like a drop shot, just lift and reel.  Your hook up ratio will be high and the hook will bury up better.   I use 10# Nano Braid with a 8# fluorocarbon leader (8’-12’).  You can cast a mile and feel the slightest “tick” even on a long cast.  Just lean in to the fish and reel – fish on!

Second – The Swimmer or Swimming Curly tail grub on a ball head is deadly in the areas above.  Long cast, let it sink a second or two…med-slow retrieve.  Jim Farmers 1.5 crankbait is also a good choice – slow crank and if you feel bottom, just slow it down and pull it along.  I got a text today saying they caught over 20 fish on a crankbait using this pattern and thanked me for the info. ?? 

Third – If I’m seeing fish suspended….I’ll back off and do a few things….1/8 Ball Head on a Swimmer or Curly Grub so you can control the depth and swim it near the depth, throw a spybait, topwater, swimbait, and a weightless fluke.   

Last – the hidden jewel when you see fish moving on top….you know,   those fish that come up and just out of casting range.  Folks – I’m telling you….one of our Spoons from Georgia Blade is awesome.  You can cast it to Florida…as soon as it hits water….fast reel to skip it across surface then slow it down to a medium-slow retrieve….or you can start to yo-yo it as it hits water.    

Good luck – post up on our facebook page if one of these works for you.   LJ