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LJ’s Fishing Report

January 28, 2019

Most of you know that if I don’t post for a while, I’m up to something…like testing colors, baits, sonar installs, or working with a pro on deep water and sonar fishing.  Well, the past week has been installs and some fishing….the last 6 months, it’s been testing an hour a trip on our new 3 color laminate design. 

Fishing – I’ve still been fishing deep and the other day, we found several big schools in 45’-50’ of water.  These fish were in ditches or on some creek channel ledges.  Other places I’ve found some fish on are deep humps…I’m talking topping out at 40’- 45’ with super deep water around them.  Most of these humps have been in creeks but did find some out near the main channel. 

The constant water release is a problem in winter – fish don’t like having to exert a lot of energy so they get down on bottom and just sit.  Yeah, some will move up on shallow stuff and some will come up off the bottom at times but most will stay down and not feed a lot.   The other day on a trip – we found some big schools just dormant on the bottom.  We caught a few but not near as many this time of year is they weren’t pulling water.

Another area that is great this time of year are the 45 degree rocky banks or the bluff rock areas.  Our new SpoTaker Shakey Ned head is awesome in these areas with one of our Stix bait rigged on it.  If it’s a sunny day – the crankbait or our 3.5” Swimmer on our 1/8 or 3/16 Ball Jig Head is reeled slow will get bites as the fish move up shallower to feed or warm up a little from the sun warming the rocks.  Also – the deep docks with the black floats heat up faster and spots will suspend under them….a slow moving swimmer on the Ball Head is good here too.

NOW – it’s time to introduce or new line of 3 color laminate plastics.  Simply put, they tested great and turned out beautiful.  Six colors to start – and a concave bottom that traps air and helps the bait float flat.  Add to this, they have scent that oozes out slow with a little salt in them too.

We’ll have some at Jimbo’s Swap Meet this Saturday (February 2nd) along with all of our Stix, Swimmers, Heads, and Line Taming Serum.    LJ