About Us

 Welcome to Lanier Baits!

We specialize in finesse fishing plastics, terminal tackle, and sonar sales/installs.  Our designs have been tested on the water - not in a tank - for real actions in calm, moving water (current), and windy conditions.   Our 5” and 4” finesse designs quiver just sitting still.  Our custom colors are like nothing you’ve seen on the market. 

Most of the colors on the market catch fishermen while a select few consistently catch fish.  Science tells us that light diffraction causes a change in color as it gets deeper in the water column - but three colors keep their characteristics in water as deep as 50'.  Our new line of "real" colors utilizes this science for some amazing fish catching plastics.  There is another aspect of our new line of plastics - all are "floaters".   This is very important for fishing a drop shot, shaky head, or going weightless!   Our baits stand out flat on the drop shot or sit "tail up" on a shaky head.  

Please take the time to look around Lanier Baits for all your needs in finesse fishing including our line of user friendly, high detail, Humminbird electronics.  We are a family owned business and look forward to helping you catch more fish